River Axe Crossings


A visual survey along the course of the river

ISBN 978 0 9537048 8 0
84 full-page plates and descriptive texts, introduction and diagrammatic aerial view.
96pp, 147 x 218, paperback
Distributed by Uniformbooks
2008, £7.95

The River Axe flows through Dorset, Somerset and Devon, rising near Beaminster, flowing west then south by Axminster and joining the English Channel at Axmouth near Seaton. During its thirty-five kilometre course it is fed by various streams and by the tributary rivers Yarty and Coly. Taken during the period November 2007 to March 2008, the photographs look directly upstream and downstream from the centre of each of all the forty-one extant crossings, ranging variously from plain wooden beam, to stone arch, to concrete road bridge; excluded are weirs, railway bridges, and crossings by ford or stepping stones.

From the front of the book the right-hand page sequence shows the direction from mouth to source, while from the back the left-hand sequence is downstream with the river’s flow. The crossings are numbered from source to mouth, and while the distances between vary, no account is made from one to the next other than the immediate stage of the river beyond and the particular landscape pictured.


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